The design of a logo is the single most important visual element of a company. It tells people at a glance who you are and what you do. It may even be the deciding factor on whether or not your company gets chosen for a job. This service includes the consultation, the design, the revisions and the finishing touches of a logo. I’ll work with you step-by-step until we’re both satisfied with the results. At the completion of your logo you will have everything you need to implement your logo into print and web materials.


This type of service is for anything business related. Whether you need help designing letterhead for your company, or you need a postcard mailer designed, I’m here to help. I’ve designed everything from business cards and flyers to company holiday cards. Contact me today and we can discuss your project and talk about pricing. Since each project is unique and involves vast differences in design time and quantity of material, the prices of each job will vary.


This is my all time favorite type of graphic design. What better way to capture a time of celebration in your life than to have a custom card designed just for you? Contact me today and we can discuss sizes, quantity, text, colors, and all of the other fun details that go into your custom card. This service includes everything from Save the Date wedding cards to kid’s birthday party invitations. Prices will vary depending on the scope of the project.


Sometimes my clients see a print they love or wish they had a piece of artwork that symbolized something special and specific to them. This is a service in which I will create something completely custom for you. Whether you’re looking for a print that you would like to be on canvas or you want something printed poster size to frame in your home. The possibilities are endless! Contact me today and we can start on your custom designed work of art and discuss pricing details.